Turn the Page

         You may have noticed the Youtubers and other forms of light entertainment you follow had been lagging in their schedule these past few months. For a while there things were serious enough that to divert attention to anything else seemed foolish. Why edit videos today when they may not let you outside for groceries tomorrow? Time was better spent elsewhere.

The crisis continues but – thank God – the fever has broken. Whomever released Omicron did us all a gigantic favour; people who were previously primed and inclined to hate the non-jabbed have had the wind sucked out of their sails, and only a despondent resignation remains in their hearts. The police may come to my door yet – but the mob will not. One of the most horrific aspects of totalitarianism, the turning of every stranger into a hostile entity, has abated.

Meanwhile I feel I have closed a chapter in life, and I assume it is a collective motion that every dissident has now undergone. There is no more ‘benefit of the doubt’ in our hearts for the anonymous mass of people out there. That benefit has been all used up in a year-long trial where everyone had to fly their colours whether they wanted to or not.

For now at least, everyone knows where everyone else stands.